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Iolite Wall Putty

Iolite Wall Putty is a premium white cement-based wall putty, a product designed for the new generation of homeowners and professionals seeking superior quality and impeccable aesthetics. Formulated with the finest ingredients, Iolite wall putty offers exceptional performance, versatility, and a flawless finish. Our wall putty excels in performance, offering exceptional adhesion and durability. It forms a strong bond with the substrate, ensuring long- asting protection and preventing the formation of cracks and flaking. The advanced formulation resists moisture, allowing the painted surface to retain its pristine appearance over time. Iolite wall putty is designed to provide a seamless application experience. It spreads easily, allowing for effortless leveling and smoothing of the surface. Additionally, our wall putty can be sanded to perfection, enabling users to achieve a flawlessly smooth finish before painting or wallpapering.


Premium Quality
Our wall putty is crafted with premium ingredients, ensuring top- notch performance and longevity.
Impeccable aesthetics
The flawless finish achieved with our wall putty enhances the visual appeal of any space.
It can be applied on various surfaces, making it a versatile solution for different projects.
Easy Application
The smooth consistency and workability of our wall putty make it user-friendly for professionals and homeowners alike.
It forms a strong bond, resists moisture, and prevents cracks, ensuring a long-lasting, pristine finish.