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Iolite Plast - Ready Mix Plaster

Iolite Plast - Ready Mix Plaster

Iolite Plast is a game-changer in the construction industry. Engineered with a focus on high accuracy and precision, our ready- mix plaster ensures efficient and hassle-free plastering operations while keeping your budget in mind. Benifits:

Time and cost savings

With Iolite Plast- ready-mix plaster, construction projects can proceed at a faster pace, as it eliminates the time-consuming task of on-site mixing. The labor required for mixing and testing the plaster is significantly reduced, resulting in cost savings.

Consistent Quality
The controlled manufacturing process of our ready-mix plaster guarantees a consistent and reliable product. This consistency translates into a uniform application, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing finish with minimal variations in color and texture.

Enhanced Productivity
By eliminating the need for on-site mixing and ensuring high workability, our ready-mix plaster boosts productivity. Plasterers can cover larger areas in less time, resulting in increased output and reduced project timelines.

Superior Finish
Iolite Plast delivers a smooth and even surface finish, free from cracks, lumps, or inconsistencies. Its excellent adhesion properties ensure a strong bond with the substrate, enhancing the durability and longevity of the plastered surface.

Versatile applications
Iolite Plast can be applied on a wide range of substrates, including brickwork, concrete walls, AAC blocks, and more. It is suitable for both interior and exterior plastering applications, providing a versatile solution for various construction projects.

Download a pdf of Iolite Plast – Ready Mix Plastertechnical data sheet